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Web Design Services

  • The Internet and the World Wide Web.
  • Why Should you have a World Wide Web Page?
  • HTML Design Pricing Guide.
  • Let Cyberlink's Web Services design team create a World-Wide Web Presence to meet your needs and help you to succeed in the Global Market! Take advantage of everything the World-Wide Web has to offer with a Home Page form My ION Design and Cyberlink Systems Corp.

    The Internet and the World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web (WWW) is the fastest growing application on the Internet. Utilizing the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) the WWW provides an easy to use environment where users can simply point and click their way around the Internet.

    Not just for hard-core techies and university researchers...    Commercial use is the fastest growing area on the Net and the World Wide Web is the vehicle of choice. Companies who take advantage of the opportunities the Internet can provide, will discover an inexpensive, effective means of doing business on a Global scale.

    Why Should you have a World Wide Web Page?

    Getting yourself or your company on the Information Super Highway with a Home Page on the WWW is like placing a GIGANTIC BILLBOARD on a Highway where everyone can read it anytime they want. There are many applications your HTML documents could be used for including:

  • Inform the World about your Company and what you do!
  • Develop new markets!
  • Design new methods for servicing your customers!
  • Gain the edge on your competition!
  • You can reap these benefits without the need for a large financial investment. My ION Design can help you establish your presence on the Internet and the World Wide Web.

    My ION Design's Web Designers are available for contract work at competitive rates. Charges are normally by the hour, but in special cases (i.e. large sites) a flat project fee may be arranged.

    If you would like more information about our services please email our Project Manager with your questions.

    HTML Design Pricing Guide
    *$85.00 / hr Basic HTML
    *$85.00 / hr Custom graphic design (bullets, bars, buttons, banners, logos)
    *$85.00 / hr Animated graphics, video, audio design
    *$85.00 / hr Image scanning or file format conversion
    *$85.00 / hr ActiveX, JavaScript, CGI, ASP or PHP programming,
    ODBC, MySQL or MS SQL Database integration
    *$85.00 / hr Software Tutoring

    There are a variety of software products we can use to design and maintain your website. For future needs we can choose a program that you have or are thinking about purchasing in order to make any changes you'd like to do yourself, easier and more convenient.

    Email address masking is free with all designs. This feature prevents outside sources from detecting and using your email addresses for spamming lists and targets.

    * NOTE: Minimum 1/2 hour charge for all design services.